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Pronounced bi-rria  is a Mexican dish from the state of Jalisco. The dish is a spicy stew, traditionally made from goat meat or Lamb, but occasionally from beef or chicken. The dish is often served as celebratory occasions, such as weddings and baptisms, and holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. It is also reputed as a hangover remedy. Preparation techniques vary, but the dish is often served with corn tortillas, onion, and lime. Traditionally, the meat is marinaded inadobo spices.


Restaurants or street carts that serve birria are known as birrierias and exist through Mexico, but especially in Jalisco and its capital, Guadalajara. Birria is an icon of thecultural identity of the jalisciences (people of Jalisco) and especially the tapatíos (people of Guadalajara). However, neighboring Mexican states have their own variations of the dish: the birria estilo Zacatecas of Zacatecas and the birria de Aguascalientes of Aguascalientes.


We also sale traditional dishes like tacos, burritos, quesadilla, tamales, Enchiladas, Carnitas,  carne azada, and much more..

Enchiladas of Carnitas

Enchiladas MIchoacanas made of carnitas (pulled pork) cheese, caramelized onions toped with fresh made salsa verde, & pico de gallo.

Michoacana.JPG 2015-4-1-14:26:4

this week special

tilapia & Shrimp 

dinner portion  &9.99

Marinated sired tilapia & shrimp served with rice, & side salad

Tilapia & Shrimp.jpg

lunch portion $7.99

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